Unveiled - Leave a Lasting Impression With Your Introduction Speech

An introduction speech is just that, it's designed to introduce the specific person or event. Clearly, it's going to be something lasting mere minutes, at the most, but this doesn't mean it's easy to do. Performing introductory speeches always has the risk of embarrassment or leaving the wrong impression. Avoid being caught out by reading through these introductory speech writing tips.

Show Your Spirit

Understand exactly why you of all the choices out there were picked to give the speech of introduction. People aren't picked for nothing as this is a very important position. If a guest is a close friend of the speaker personal anecdotes are encouraged because of the close connection between the two figures. Specialist events may require an expert like you. Implement your expert knowledge. You are not just using it to craft your own speech, you are showing the audience why you were the right choice.


Performing an 'off the cuff' speech is only going to lead to disaster. The event or guest is expecting some real information specific to them. If one speech could be used at a multitude of events it's not a good speech. All introductory speeches must be researched thoroughly before being given.

It's exactly why the person giving the introductory presentation is chosen carefully, and is usually chosen on the assumption they know significant amounts about the topic at hand.

Relevant Quotes

Take some direct quotes from the figure or organiser of the event. Using quotes can personalise the speech and display something about the figure or event at hand. They can also help out the person following you by providing them with something to build on. An introduction speech is designed to provide a brief snapshot to be built on later and nothing more.

Write Like a Journalist

Journalists are told to cut down their writing as much as possible. Sharp opinions and snappy headlines are often found within the notebook of a journalist. Take inspiration from them by cutting your speech down as much as possible. If somebody reads your introduction speech, they should just see a number of bullet points to touch upon. Link these together with proper grammar when performing your speech of introduction and you have the perfect speech.

Don't worry about leaving unanswered questions within introduction speeches, it's up to later speakers to fill in the gaps.

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