Memorable Speeches About Life - Telling It Like It Is

Speeches about life are among the rarest speeches. It's not because no one is interested in them, but rather because people find it difficult to perform these speeches without sounding narcissistic. As such, life experience speeches are not easy to deliver. But through practice and personal audience awareness, this skill can be mastered.

Know Your Audience

Knowing exactly who your audience is before attempting a speech about life is important. The beauty of the life speech is that they can be either informal or formal. While it provides speakers with a great deal of flexibility, it leaves them with the challenge of getting the tone right. On a formal note, the audience is likely there to learn something. The speaker has been called in to describe a particularly traumatic experience or difficult challenge they had to overcome. In this case, it's not so much about the specific experience but about the moral of the story. If you must give such a life speech, make sure there's an obvious point to your story. An informal speech about life could be something to break the ice with or can serve as a practical example to accompany a course or tutorial. Speakers who give informal life experience speeches shouldn't worry about having a particular point. Most of the time, they are there to personalize the speaker and to provide an easy introduction to the session.

The Narcissist

The narcissist is something no speaker wants to turn into. It's exactly why so many people are afraid of life speeches. The easy way to avoid this pitfall is to simply tell the truth and not to overemphasize your successes. With any success is failure so talk about this aspect as well. Being able to talk about the failures or challenges in an open and honest manner makes you seem human. These speeches are not intended to make the speaker into a larger than life character. It's more effective to speak on the audience's level without seeming patronizing.

Be Concise

Although life speeches should involve your personality, the worst thing you can do is to rattle on about nothing. Treat it like any formal speech by getting straight to the point. Your points will certainly resonate strongly by taking this approach.

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